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Manage & Mitigate Your Specific Risks

H aving access to the appropriate business and clinical risk management is critical to health care providers. Healthcare providers are required to do more with less while complying with greater oversight and regulations, and this can put a strain on any size practice. To meet the changing needs of patient care, you need the consultative direction provided through proven risk management principles and techniques.

Our partner companies’ risk management program begins with the assessment and recognition of risks, then continues to developing strategies to manage it, rounding it out with tools to mitigate that risk, including clinical, managerial and insurance resources. Through our partner companies, we offer our clients a thorough evaluation of the specific risks facing their industry and business plus the development of a set of procedures to mitigate the potential damage of a loss or series of losses.

Resources Offered

You have invested in your facility and the technology that supports your professional services.  Site surveys bring a professional to your physical site to analyze the potential jeopardies unique to your location, specialty, and patient base. These surveys ensure that nothing slips through the cracks so we can provide your business with the comprehensive loss control strategies it deserves.

Your time is valuable and time away from the office is limited.

Online continuing education can keep you current with your required CMEs. Through our partner companies, Physicians Risk Associates offers on-demand education through webinars designed to help you mitigate your risks. Many of our partner insurance companies offer premium credits for the successful completion of risk management courses while helping you meet your Continuing Medical Education needs. These online courses are a valuable resources and have helped many of our physician clients avoid litigation by implementing proven risk management techniques.

When you have a clinical issue and need advice, our partner companies are ready to answer your questions.  Many of our partner company risk management professionals are former clinicians, and as such they understand and have experienced some of your challenges.

To offer you a solution that works with your fast-paced business, we can schedule calls to give you the insight you need for risk mitigation. During these calls, you’ll consult with professionals who can advise you on proper risk management strategies.

Don’t let the demands of your business stand in the way of properly protecting your business! Let Physicians Risk Associates give you the consultative direction you need with the convenience of a phone call.