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T he cost of health insurance has been steadily increasing year after year. It’s more important than ever to match needs with the right coverage – and that’s where we come in. We help our clients match their health care needs with the appropriate policies.

Say you or one of your employees rarely visits the doctor. Why would you pay a high premium to secure a low office visit copay? All too many people are paying for coverage they don’t need. This makes it feel burdensome to carry the right insurance, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Physicians Risk Associates can tailor your policies to fit your needs and your budget.

Coverages Available

Whether health insurance is for you, your family, or your business, selecting the right plan is important.

Understanding the various plans, costs, benefits, and access to services is crucial when making your choice. We can help you navigate your plan resources, assess the coverage offered and make an educated decision in which you can feel confident.


If you aren’t insured through your employer, you likely feel burdened by rising healthcare costs. Is there a way to save without sacrificing coverage? We can find out! We’re experts at analyzing the healthcare needs of individuals and families and helping them discover the best options available.


Changing regulations has made insuring your staff’s health anything but easy. Fortunately, we can help. We’ll not only ensure you’re complying with the Affordable Care Act, but we’ll also work to get you the best coverage for your team at the best cost for your business.

Life insurance is very important to protect your family and its financial future.

The right life policy can help you provide for your spouse, children, and even the future of your business in the event you are no longer around. In fact, you can even benefit from life insurance while you’re living! We can help you choose the right type of policy with the right benefits to meet your needs.

If you were injured or became ill, how would you pay your bills and maintain your lifestyle if you could not work?

Your chances of being sick or hurt and missing work may be higher than you think. Disability insurance pays a monthly income if you are unable to work due to illness or accident. It allows you and your family to make your house and car payments, as well as providing for your everyday living expenses.

Long term care insurance can help you pay for the care you may need later in life.

It helps protect your retirement assets and plan for your future with a policy designed to help offset the high cost of care. Don’t leave your loved ones struggling to cover the cost of preserving your quality of life. We can help you choose a long term care insurance policy to protect your family’s finances and your golden years.

Our Carriers

We represent some of top insurance carriers in the nation.